Wednesday, 13 January 2010


firstly, fo rme i think the main success of the drawings is the pen i well, but for the first image at the top im aware it looks a bit ugly, well to me anyway, but its hopefully gets accross my main idea i want to focus on now...

using a drawing of 'man 2' i want to convey his sombre mood and the 'in f*king bits' so it may be an image of the face ripped up or cracked to reveal xmas paper udnerneath.
it may be simpler contrasting man1 + man2 their different moods, and if u see in the other illustrations ive used his eyes to convey either the 'looking into the middle distance' or the cracking up 'in bits' mood using the above idea in the eyes.
i like the previous idea of using speech bubbles with a symbol on them. im confident i can do at least 2 finished drawings by monday and decide through discussion which works better and why and what doesnt

i originally wanted to screenprint them to have more style emerge,but with the time i may finish them completely by hand or if possible in illustrator. but i have a very rudimentary  knowledge of this. although i went to the library and photocopied a 'how to make good looking characters in illustrator' tutorial from an edition of digital arts magazine. i really ought to do this for my own progression. with everything else going on im slightly undecided.ill start on both and see which i prefer.

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