Monday, 4 January 2010


at first i thought these wer photographs screenprinted, but looking again looks like charcoal drawings. [WHAT A FUCKING GREAT IDEA!] - i might have to go and do a bit charcoal work now, when it comes to life drawing ive been experimenting with a stack of ways of making it more graphicy and interesting,
using gel pens [my fave] biros markers inks sticks etching plates, just to push it forward, i never ever thought of sticking with charcoal and reproducing it this way.this is fucking brilliant and i am all over it.

the problem with life drawing is you only get one to play with: arse it up and youve wasted good half hour and what was a decent drawing. thers not much room to play with an experiment. up to now ive been playing with colour on the etching plate itself, or spraypainting paper beforehand or doing something on a separate surface and combining the two on photoshop.this is great and really ties into some of the images and processes im playing with for this upcoming exhibition

ALSO what was great was being able to physicaly hold and touch these prints [thyre selling for £300 each!!] the paper had a lovely quality to it, like how if you do a watercolour,let it dry and it has that feel to it, yet is completely flat not all wrinkly 

ill be bearing this in mind big time.
-as well as looking up when a specific gallery is actually open as i found out today [sorry again to u know who!]

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