Tuesday, 19 January 2010


the top image is chosen as my final chosen piece.

i feel a right tit for not uploading it yesterday. there is no excuse. but if i was to, simply the concern for the projects outside of college, making time for last terms project mixed with this. and i didnt pay close enough attention to when and how this was supposed to be handed in

the brief was an excellent one and i had a stack of solid ideas for it. as i followed just the one i found more would crop up as i drew. the way i draw and the outcome didnt take very long and i wanted to show i wasnt doing this just quickly and was prepared to spend time hence it was re drawn and developed in a few different ways. 

i feel overall i have left myself down with this project. i am very pleased that i communicated solidly the text that much i am very confident about. and this is strange because i feel my technical competance here is very weak, especially in an area very artistic and creative and this is where i feel very ashemed and unhappy with y work. i think if i wasnt diverting the majority of my passion and drive for this outside project and spent the entire last week on this alone, the outcome owuld of looked much different.
for instance i spent alot of time in the print studio doing some monoprints last week, these are excellent and i am using them for backgrounds to screenprint life drawings on top of and to also draw some actual life drawings on top of. why the fuck i didnt dedicate just one for this project. mix the media up, could of really pushed this but i fucked it

im really battling here, today for instance as i was saying to a coleage on another course, whats more important to me-college or work outside college. i see my college work iwth a massive amount of value and potential and this comes first for me. yet this opportunity to sell my art is just such a stroke of luck.
im really torn and instead of spending the afternoon working on my roughs i created some more pieces for the show. and this evening although yes i have worked on my roughs. they taste like the flat dregs of a can of soda rather than the fresh fruity bubbliness when the can was first opened

im going to bed and look at it all again with fresh eyes in the morning
i always work best in the morning

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