Monday, 25 January 2010

final illustration-my comments

I went with the idea of creating 'dirty money' to show points form the text and how some of these thigns are obviously really dodgy.-hence the £7 £15 notes etc and the illustration within the notes.

i feel having 'the bank of daves cousin' may have been a little too explicit towards the text. I did try to freehand something akin to the curly text on our pound banknotes, but i felt it looked cheap, and if it was a fake note i felt having the text a kind of scratchy written in biro look would be more effective. plus i much preferred how it looked.

This week i tried with a stick and pot of ink. Im treating this whole project as like something of a playground to text out things and sculpt a particular style from a range of approaches ive used for different things such as life drawing, drawing characters and the way ive done these things as a self initiated and use this in this project. 
for instance this weeks i have used this ink and a sharpened stick may times before and i really like the effect. the previous week i used marker pens which i have done many times or even a biro or .7 gel pen even.

-I did want to push this further, i wanted to make a textured background using those lower images to make some prints using the process 'photocopy offset litho' which i learnt last year and has a particular quality to it. it distorts the image and makes it look as if its coming out of the ink as the elements involved in the process arent eexact, well depends how you take it, i dont think barbara in the studio would like me saying that! I prepared the images for this process but unfortunately the time i allocated for myself to do this was taken up with a wood cut workshop at the time, using the tools i needed so an polite as i was to the technitians it wasnt possible for me to try this. considering we all had anohter project to complete for today and ive a monster on my back pressuring me for work i was a bit gutted i couldnt continue. having said that i worked around it by using watercolours also to boost my images quality and working on top of the drawings further to create splash marks etc for two reasons: to give the image more of a hand made one off quality to it, and to further convey the dirty dodgyness of some of the goings on discussed in the text.

personally i feel i have communicated the text well and in an interesting approach. I am still disappointed with the end result, i think in the future i should work from something, say a photo of someone, or a burning car or something, rather than what is ee in my minds eye. i think i draw better this way. the only times i do a half decent drawing from my imagination is when its something that only exists in my imagination like a flying robot or a weird plant.

I am learning alot through this trial and error process im approaching the entire project, and if anything i have learnt that i want to put serious effort into this as a form of future employment. i love the results ive got already from a communication perspective, something i feel i have much difficulty with in a more graphic design like project. I see myself returning to these briefs in some time and re-doing the entire 4 pieces in one chosen style i feel is most fitting for my 'style'

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