Saturday, 31 July 2010

V&A different photography

this is an insane idea- this is a sculpture at the v+a and the artist/photography basicly turned the entire glass cabinet into a big pin hole camera!!brilliant idea!!
now this image is interesting to me, the content is good but whats most interesting is mixing the media and actually painting onto the photo!

ive included the caption next to it, because although not on display its brilliant to learn of another person doing d.i.y. framing as i mucked about with in france...
some of these picture of britain were interesting. these are the most dramatic, but what i liked most was the glimpse into 50's- 70's britain. it was mor ethings like union jack haircuts and old 50's glasses, not quite worht me taking digital pics of, but really quaint and altho calm, still captivating
I really identified with the photography on display here at the v+a.- i saw it as artists/creatives using cameras as another tool, not as a photography doing photography. if that makes any sence. and thats how i like my pics
 i only discovered they had a photography room a few months ago!! its proper hidden away right at the back it changed very regularly too

i recently got a digital camera to use alongside my old film one, i ought to make a post about how i approach photography and as digital photography is still alien to me, might be good to document my progression with that as i think is the point of us having a blog

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