Wednesday, 14 July 2010

D&AD student show

these are some of projects I liked when i went to see the student D&AD show at the 'free range' show in brick lane

Overall i thought the quality was very high, we do have competition, but looking at the work from a huge variety of universities accross the UK it did confirm again that we are each hugely talented in our own ways. Alot of work i felt lacked some important factors, especially with type mostly-and im not that special at type-

id say the best work was that which has obviously been borne out of love for the project and subject. some strong ideas could be found some strong ish technical skills, but in my opinion for final year work-we can all feel confident about our abilities and future.

this project here, i just quite liked to a see a new and interesting use of letterpress.
i also quite liked the idea of making some kind of 'zine' , this fold-out-able leaflet book thing entirely crafted from letterpress.
-and a good idea to try maybe either combining processes or a zine uzing exclusively one process.

a book made of different carrier bags! cool research!
i just thought this portfolio was damn nice

look a similar OKIDO project! i think this was so much cooler spread accross two pages. our brief was just for one, but there is nothing stopping me doing osme self initiated on what ive already done-which i think is cool, wouldnt take too much to really expand it into samething damn nice n polished

i really like this kind of victorial illustration style!. ought to look into that more

these little books are col! definately like this cardboard use too

YEAH LOVE THE TYPE [above+below images!]

really really cool illustration, really good style i would like to try achieve. good use of computer polished work too.
bit of an arse that there was so much reflection-was a bright day and was housed in shiny plastic
again, wicked type

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