Wednesday, 28 July 2010

another beginning [Leake street first opening]

I treat this blog as a bit of a digital scrap book. Its something i can throw in the things that i find thouroughly inspiring as well as the work and lessons im learning during work in progress and once complete [which i am working more on-you'll see]

As i was going through my images i found this, and i wanted to make a post specifically about this. 
This was when Leake street near LC.C. was first opened as a legal street art space and had a grand opening with a whole host of incredible street artists.

this is important to me because at this time during the summer of 2008 I was just getting ready to return to education and begin my ABC Diploma in Graphic Design.
I had spent years working in retail and coming from a background in fine art and 
[hate to use this word...] graffiti
I really needed something stimulating, i didnt quite know where to direct myself, sure i had dozens of ideas regardless and had just done my first ever screenprinting and was as thirsty as i ever am to dive into more.
and i discovered this and just found the whole thing so inspiring, the free-ness of it, the intelligence, skills and even bit of humour. the style and so much about it really made me pine to be on a similar level on day with my own offering.
im still a long way away but im definately making my own path and ive come a long way

with my final year just around the corner i want to look back at where i came from in an effort to see where im going now.
I just cant wait to see what the future holds. roll on year 2!! [ or 3 really]

Wicked mad graphics collagey brilliance. this isnt what i want to do, but is definately an important ingredient.

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