Friday, 16 July 2010

Swoon. -excellent street artist [dont let street art put you off!]

i just really really like this artist. i rediscovered this when i discovered a book of her work. i remember seeing a bunch of this work in Leicester's outskirts n, like the twat i was, not paying it the attnetion it deserved. what i saw were intricate cut outs in thin paper wall pasted up

the above image i particuly like, its gta be a lino or wood cut. perfect for street art work its unique yet reproducable, your hard work pays off as many times as you like-and can be done out home with really low-tech equipment. so simple making each print unique working on top of it with the highlights painted in. good idea with the brown paper then cut out n all
that n the fucking excellent drawing skill.
excellent.i must do this

maybe life drawing onto wood/lino then cut out?
fucking love the yellow paint over the foreign paper. proper using whats available

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