Saturday, 31 July 2010

Chris Price - hand made books N illustration

found these books amoungst the crap at the v+a bookshop

actually its a very good bookshop, and like places like magma i like it cos i get to see lots of inspiring books, then buy them cheaper on amazon

i discovered this wonderful book there, looked out of place amoungst the well finished factory furnished books on display and just really liked it, it was £25 so i wanted to make a post about it instead of buying it. as ive said before this blog also acts as a kind of digital scrapbook for me wer i can refer back to things that inspire me or have learnt.
excellent illustrations, that was one of the main things that really got me,
the composition of it too, the way its cropped to the birds foot

oh also this books all about british birds- which does sound a tiny bit shit
but its not. it is genuinely a lovely book
you know me im all over hand made stuff
-but for £25? too much for a student

not sure how much i like the hand made text, i like it, but if it wer me id want to do something digital and then maybe distort it in a way, give it some kind of naturalised feeling, say using an old typewriter or something or weathering the text.

ah i love this drawing! im sorry but i do think thats just lovely with the music notes coming out of its mouth
does look like its actually vomiting music notes as well tho!
incredible illustrations. dark / light
look how this guys drawn the wood detail!!
this is a little more what im on about with the text. i just want to draw attention to the stuck on capital letter there
i love mixed creativity

yeah. fancy book. check it out! and whats interesting is its self published by the look of it, and im assuming just waltzed up to the v+a and offered em his book!? bit like pdf n work placements we're doing
-this is something i want confidence with-to be able to walk into a gallery or a book shop n say hey im ben have a loook at this

oh and i went to the 'summer camp' fete thing n all at the v+ a
it was pants dont bother. well thats a bit strong but i was expecting more
and if you see the stall indoors with the woman doing the drawing thing. do the drawing thing, i felt so sad for her cos everyone wanted to go outside

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