Saturday, 3 July 2010

RCA show! loads of dead clever stuff

went to have a cheeky looksee at the rca final show! i love this time of year n makes me feel good being a graphics student looking at the variety of courses on show

-if i wer u, dont fairness its alright, theres a good healthy variety of things to look at and my comment there probably says more about my open mindedness towards being inspired by car design. or helmet design; which was actually very clever
-and thats what you'll see-some very clever design, some very clever ideas well put together. only a small portion is about graphic communication. but dont let that stop you going

also beware soem of the students are twats and wont let u take digital photos. well in the fashion area only actually

as you see there was some cool stuff, and interesting approaches to things im familiar with

-screenprint onto a mirror!genius!
i saw damien hirst do one using oil based inks onto mirrored glass. its excellent to see its feasable to do and the result it decent

even though i wasnt mad inspired and delighted with everything we saw and did if you can pull out one thing decent it was totally worth it. and i am very pleased i went to see something fresh new and original

simple drawing but excellent idea i like this little image alot

if your well into allsorts of design from products, to architecture then this show is a must. still going on i think. n dont forget hyde parks over the road as well as some of londons best gallerys litrally round the corner!

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