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FDA + LCC summer show!

These images at the top are some stuff from the fda 2nd year and ba top up . the few people i spoke to made some very positive noises about the fda work in comparison to the gmd. gmd was still good, to be honest i expected better, from some of the people i know in the first year and their level of work i expected truly mind blowing stuff from the final years. but still some pretty decent stuff on offer and we should all be damn thankful we are at LCC and even more proud to be an FDA student here.

also looking at the show, the work and the projects im again reminded that i made the right choice picking fda. i think everyone has a course which suits them, i dont think i would succeed on gmd. but thats just me. 

this guys stuff is amazing! his use of line and overall finish-thats fucking brilliant. wish i remembered the name.

THIS GUYS SKETCHBOOK WAS INSANE!!SUCH A GOOD SKETHCBOOK! mixing up collage with drawings and paintings, words notes etc, this was AMAZING!yeah this has def given me some influence. for years leading up to the fda, i always used to keep an A5 moleskine sketchbook n would spend hours doing beutiful colourful pictures of various things and in all those years never did i ever even consider collage or anything other than a drawing or pen work. maybe a cheeky stencil over a shit page.

this should remind us all of what fascinating work can look like coupled with a pretty obvious level of personal enjoyment and engagement. n ithink the personality and the fact they enjoyed making this comes thru

i liked this. as if some graphic design alphabet, reminds you of the techniques methods, and i also just like the visuals, the angle, crop, different styles, colour. i was going to mention a particular favourite but thyre all really good! maybe the negative space one, thats quite clever
and repitition. i reckon if i was to do this i could have a massive amount of fun.and learn fuck loads. and id do the t for typography one with some kind of old skool bare bones designed letter with al them mad circles n that

edible letters! and why not. the medium is the message too
this wasnt a final piece [i think!] but i love it! infact i really quite like it
yeah!cool info graphics!

at this point id liek to make a point.

one thing ive noticed about info graphics. i noticed it first at the CSM show i went to a while back ,noticed it here and realised ive seen it before but didnt remember it because it was all bollocks and there was nothing to remember

-ive seen some incredibly well crafted, incredibly well designed books. and i remember some specifically at the CSM show. this book was beutiful was of a unique shape and beutiful layout, type, colour. BUT IT WAS SO BOOOORRRING!!
i pick it up look at it read about half a line and instantly cant be arsed anymore
and its not just me! i mentioned this to someone who knows alot more than me about design and he agreed!

one book at csm-this nice one i mentioned, 'oh i went to an airport and made a book about how many planes land in an hour'

content is so important!MAKE IT AT LEAST A BIT INTERESTING 
your book is amazing but alot of people arent going to appreciate the work you put in becuase like me theyd rather stick needles in thyre eyes than read it

for me that was a very important thing to notice and learn. i know in my book i most likely waffled on but im pretty sure alot of it was interesting cos i had so much damn fun making it and doing it and im sure that came accross. 
if not - bollocks to you

same for some info stuff i saw at the show.
and some was just really confusing, if you saw the one about how many people text each other or something.yeah no idea what happened.did look a bit mad tho.

OUR LOVELY BOOKS! i am personally very impressed with our years work, i feel incredibly lucky to be where i am and who im doing it with.
we all give so much to each other. ideas, encouragment, were all on the same level, i feel much more confident sounding out ideas, im easily happy to to the teachers but im much more not bothered about getting something completely arse up wrong talking to someone on my level.

i watched another 'ted talks' [check it out if u havent seen it, sir ken robinson i think his name is is well worth watching]

he said:


angry wolfs head.that is all

i actually really liked this book cover. im not sure what i think about that blue on white, kinda cheapens it. perhaps gold on brown or something, or even a second colour. it works as one colur
but that detail!thats insane!brilliant!such a cool cover!
perhaps black on red? or even reversed!white on blue!

ah colours!!so hard to decide there are too many! if anyone know more about colours than me please give me some good tips
ah yeah these screenprint are mad! but lacking something significant i didnt see clearly on the show

by chance i was fannying about in the print studio and for ages now ive been trying to make something out of these line drawings im very proud of, but i know need somethign more
so i tried to make them 3-d

and talking to barbara she showed me these prints!and with 3-d glasses on thyre completely different!!its so good!!

ill make a post about what i learnt in the last 3 weeks of term but basicly if you but red+blue line drawings off center to make it 3-d all that happens is when u but on the 3-d glasses it becomes one line.and without them it hurts your eyes. so yeah i ballsed that up

but does acutually look as if its infront of the page, not on it. so thats half a step forward.

this guys work was very good quality i felt. n am chuffed fda nicked him for next year
i just liked this gangster alphabet thing going on, but it wasnt uncomfortabel to read, but quite fun and true. also like 'H is for Hackney'
the above style is cool. i wna try that

all in all good. inspiring. im happy. im aware i definately need to keep switched on for next year.we all do-for the majority of us we'l be looking for work next year!fuck! but im secretely excited and looking forward to it, my biggest fear is losing access to the print studio, letterpress and dark room. each are like limbs to me, but ive figured out printmaking at home, and still tweaking that and trying out new stuff, im currently learning how to set up and do dark room madness at home, and letterpress well im fucked with that really. indesign will have to do i guess. and its not bad at all. 
and computer insanity is something im working on this summer

bring on year two!!

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