Friday, 2 July 2010

Charlie Isoe "another completely insane man"

such a wicked skull.look at the effect!its so weird

I took these pics at the lazarides a while ago [i got fuckign hundreds of blog posts to do and have forgotten about-not that doing this is a chore-there is a reason each of us take pictures of things we like-cos we like em!and we should share what we find good about things!!and you have your perspective!]

quite bizarre art from this street artist. i took a picture and uploaded just these as these each have something different and itneresting worht considering in our approaches

while i was looking around i heard the owner describe the artist as
 'another completely insane man'

that kind of made me feel good

and you can almost see that in the picture

that is all.

excellent drawing excellent use of drawing and some different approaches. i love checking out this gallery always dont have to be normal to be good.
or at least interesting.

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