Thursday, 29 July 2010

Whitecross street art party!!

This was SO INSPIRING AND INTERESTING FOR ME!!! this was near old street a big street art festival, and showed the sheer range of creativity that can be made from those determined enough
and thats why it was damn inspiring i so want to really push myself and do work of a good enough quality i oculd have a cheeky stall of my own god enough people might part a few coins

there was some excellent art, sculpture food. so much to get inspired by. oh and a mechanical dinosaur on wheels!
 [big thanks to my excellent fda freinds for letting me know about cool stuff such as this]
-this has given me a proper drive to make some mad sculptures out of out toys,

..I had an idea towards the end of the final term, to make a pastic casting of some toys and make plaster casts from them.
-plaster casts because i like the roughness, its a bit like 3-D screenprinting
i wanted to get some old toys out of a charity shop or car boot sale, cut them up, melt them and effectively make some 3-D collage.
infact the more i think about it the more fun it sounds and potentially mad!
these ceramic tiles are great.
such a good new medium to use with screenrprints! id like to know how they became kind of shiny and varnished effct, as if some kind of treatment being applied to it
this artist dr.d is brilliant like the rough style of type

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