Thursday, 22 July 2010


As we've got that summer project to do Ive started on a handful of tiny projects, researches and even just reading into certain things in the list.

The summer project 'A-Z graphic design' =we have been given a brief with a selection of words under each letter of the alphabet, and we are to pick one and go about 'researching it in any way we want'

This particular one im exploring what I want to learn about framing. 
-I instantly thought this shouldnt be something to do as before the course I worked with framing/mounting [amoungst other bits n bobs] for almost 3 years-so i thought i ought to challenge myself and learn something new

One things ive been hungry to explore is low-tech, low-cost wicked framing. am all over low-tech and low-cost [still thinking about doing some "'zines"] and ive seen a few renegade framing done ina bunch of galeries to an excellent effect
most street arty type things at lazarides and a few places-but also on the streets themselves using anything from wood, CARDBOARD and even a shit old granny frame! so i think its ace, so for me im going to be learning more about the contruction and seeing what i can create from nothing....

[ also im going to make blog posts of any work I do or just of the info ive gathered [im not going to bother doing it alphabetical order im going to do it in the order its done so there]

Look what I found! where im currently staying is a wee bit of a building site kind of and took me not even ten seconds to discover a wealth of 'materials' to work with.
gave the wood a good clean, i deliberately chose wood that was dead old n rusty nails n jus proper textured n beutiful n decayed and interesting
yeah when cleaning old wood,
-for fucks sake mind the rusty nails
then just dried the bastards
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basicly, real simple, -i mixed up the wood, which would go on top, which to go underneath.
i chose the two long lengths to go underneath as i planned to attach the image itself to the wood and there would be mor suface area for the image to attach to this way.

-also ill note here that i have an incredibly stunted knowledge of working with wood [unlike others-im looking at you industrial design students] -so this stuff isnt too easy for me!so i was going to keep it real simple, real basic and also relatively quick to do, so i could technically knock up a good dozen or so in a day and let them loose in the streets. or a proper space if one presents itself
-my experience with woodwork was year 9 D.T. - we wer told measuremens of wood and told to do anything we wanted with it, so I spent hours beutifully designing a mad tank- it was brilliant!spent hours working out the camoflage too

 yeah then we got back in and told were making a box, and nothing else

got the the my name on the list to use the class glue and class hammer.
then someone nicked my nails and i wasnt allowed anymore

so i thought it was all bollocks anyway and couldnt be arsed with the incrdibly loud dodgy looking wood cutting machine anyway, to proper toil away to make.. a box.

once deciding on whats going where and which pieces of wood to use, just nail it in
-also note im nailing on a wooden table-dont you will always nail through into the table then its stuck.
staple gun!-stapled it!-having taken careful note of leaving enough space for the picture to be attached to wood.
in a pinch i might even just use sellotape or wallpaper paste?
i dscovered that wood that was proper wet was so easy to nail stuff in! so i used the old rusty nails because they just looked cool and rustic.
and this picture was supposed to be at the top to show the images im working with. no idea why its here, not sure if i like this new blogger with is fancy new bells n whistles


I think out of context these would look pretty brilliant, as the wood kind of blends into this countryish area not quite the impact it would if say on a brick wall or clean indoor space.

but still ace!

-also these images are of some double exposures i developed and went mad with the developing-see more in the 'd.i.y home photography' post-which ill be adding results of soon!

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