Friday, 2 July 2010

BA illustration - CSM 2010

thanks to luca and blanksy i went up to see the fruits of the BA ILLUSTRATION from central st martins a while back. very interesting concepts and image making, was held in the most randomly hard to find old school building.

I thought this above drawing was just incredible. the whole portfolio of drawing was incredibly well excecuted, what appeals is the mix of graphic and simple line drawing with this approach to part shading.
wish i remembered their name to mention here.

i also quite like that mix of collage type

cool illustrations! on these wood panels i thought was jus damn well drawn and just cool and graphix

i just think this layout is great, the placing of the large amoungst the small. probably took a bit of thought.

this texture was made by sleeping on the paper!
there are an infinate amount of ways to make marks, 
litrally as many as the imagination can come up with

always good to see other students work even just to compare. you are the future after all

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